That Gets Me Thinking

It’s time again for another round of That Gets Me Thinking.  The Olympics are over and I’m still bitter about the way some of it all went down (::cough:: baby gymnasts ::cough::), but that just means we’re one step closer to the new season.  This week, I’m thinking about Michael Phelps, my need for another TIVO, NBC’s promotions department, and Michael Lohan.



Michael Phelps is scheduled to host the season premiere of NBC’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE with musical guest Lil Wayne. That gets me thinking…there is potential for Michael to be fantastic.  He has a good interview presence, and he seems humble enough to make fun of himself.  He could be the next Peyton Manning (who was totally awesome as a host).  He could, however, be Nancy Kerrigan, who, sadly, was not nearly as good off the ice.


I currently have a TiVo in my bedroom, a dual-channel DVR in the living room, my roommate has a digital recorder on her computer, and I have a VCR set up at my mother’s house.  That gets me thinking…I don’t think I have enough “record space” for the amount of TV that I plan to watch this season.  Just taking a look at the fall and what I need to watch (stop back for Monday’s fall preview), I’m just hoping it can all be done!


NBC is really trying to make me believe that KNIGHT RIDER is the best thing since sliced bread.  That gets me thinking…If they had given half as much promotion to season 2 of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS that they’re giving to the Hasselhoff wannabe, I think we’d be in a much safer position as we embark on a shortened DirectTV related 3rd season.






Michael Lohan says that he’s planning a special TV address to tell explain the lies he thinks Dina Lohan is telling. That gets me thinking…Does anyone really care?