GREEK premieres tonight

It’s hard to believe we’re only up to Season 2 of GREEK!  So much happened on this show in the first season that it’s hard to fathom where they’re going to take us in Season 2.  I had the fantastic opportunity to check out tonight’s season premiere and I am so excited about what’s in store for our favorites this year! 

Mild spoilers for what’s in store this season after the jump!

Casey – Casey almost fell back into something dangerous with Cappie at the end of last season.  Look for her to be making an attempt to get past that this season.  She’s going to concentrate more on her Presidency and in the first episode back, she has a great opportunity to prove how awesome she is.  Charisma Carpenter shows up again as Tegan, the head of the national ZBZs. 

Cappie / Rebecca –  Cappie is just trying to be the best frat president he can be while trying at the same time to be the best boyfriend he can be to Rebecca.  She needs it this year as she struggles to get away from her father’s political scandal that ended with Rebecca showing her goods to a bunch of college kids down on Spring Break.  Though I think Cappie and Casey will eventually find their way back to each other, for now the Cappie and Rebecca bond seems strong and I like them a lot together!

Evan / Frannie – How weird is it to type them like a couple?  Crazy, right?  Maybe it’s not so crazy.  Their Spring Break fling seems to have stuck, and they both try to keep it from Casey.  I can’t wait to see the flames once that secret blows up in their face!  Aside from their relationships, Evan still tries to beat Cappie at every turn and he doesn’t care who he hurts in the process.  And Frannie?  She just wants to kiss up to Casey to soften the eventual blow!

Rusty / Calvin / Dale – When we left the gang, Rusty and Calvin (with the help of Hunting!Dale) had made up after a few episodes of anger towards each other over rival frat stuff.  When we get back to campus in the season premiere, their bond has been strengthened and even Dale has made certain concessions in order to make their bro-trio work.   Rusty will continue to try and find love this season as he works to be a good pledge; Calvin and his boyfriend from last season (Michael aka Leo from VM) will face some trouble this season; and Dale will just continue being Dale as he fights the Greek system – hopefully we’ll see him get his own big storyline this season!

Ashley – Ash is still looking for her one-flip-flop soul mate from Spring Break.  We’ll see her continue to come into her own this season, as she steps out of Casey’s shadow and realizes she is her own girl.  I can’t wait to see the reveal about who the flip-flop dude is, and how that story plays out!

Tune into GREEK’s season premiere on its new night (that’s tonight – Tuesday) and at its new time (9PM after THE SECRET LIFE…).  You won’t be disappointed!