Win a CALIFORNICATION promo poster

CALIFORNICATION is one of Showtime’s fantastic series that manages to put you into the world of Hank, Karen, and Becca like a fly on the wall.  We have teamed up with Showtime to give away one of their Season 2 promotional posters:

To be entered to win, leave a comment with your favorite season 1 episode.  Winners will be notified via email by September 12.

  • Trippy

    It’s tough to pick a favorite, because I liked them all, from the Pilot to the finale. But I’ll choose ‘California Son’. Very affecting, poignant and funny.

    Thanks for the chance to win a poster. 🙂

  • Definitely 1×08, California Son. Fantastic episode all around.

  • Sarah

    I’m going to have to say ‘California Son’ as well. 🙂

  • dana

    I have watched them all too many times. Madly addicted. I used to be biased to the first 6, but now I like them all about as much. The Pilot is stunning. LOL was great, mostly because of the breakup scene with Meredith near the end. “I love women; I have all their albums.” and “I’m not the biggest fan of the term ‘bj’ either,” freaking smart writing. I could just as easily pick California Sun, for the flashbacks and Hank’s dad’s voiceover. Final Answer: The Pilot.

  • Clarisse M.

    Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser. Pure comedy and mermaid counting. It doesnt get much better. Closely followed by California Son.

  • Julien

    I just love all season 1 but I would say 1×10.

  • Marlene

    I guess i’m going to have to go along with the crowd. California son was by far the best episode of the series. I loved they way it went from comedy to drama in a matter of seconds. David Duchovny gave a heartfelt performance that brought me from laughter to tears. All in the span of just a half hour. I’ve never seen a series that can cram so much into such a short period of time. I only wish it was an hour.

  • benhur

    Absolutely 1×08 “California Son”. A wonderful and moving tribute to the fact that we seldom know or appreciate what we mean to those we love; most people leave it til it’s too late. This ep was a great reminder to say the things that need to be said before time runs out.

  • Marta Christjansen

    “Californication” is the best character-driven show on the air. There’s lots of sex and nudity, and language is raw, but the important thing about the show is that the characters are always evolving. My favorite episode? “California Son.” It explains why Hank is the way he is, and examines a complicated father-son relationship without hammering the viewer over the head the obvious. It’s also the only episode in which Hank actually makes love to a woman (his ex, Karen) instead of screwing one. It’s deftly written and beautifully acted and it’s the one episode I insist everyone watch when they ask my why I love “Californication.”

  • Joss Tincase

    My favorite episode is the sixth… That’s when things start turning around for Hank… Though episode eight (California Son) isn’t far behind with Al Moody’s letter to his son…

  • Suhwoo Choe

    Absolutely loved “Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder #1.6”. You can really connect to the characters and always leaves you hanging, wanting more and more. Great series, awesome performances, wonderful show.

  • I think my favorite episode was “Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser” Not only is it an allusion to one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authours, late Hunter S. Thompson, it really showed the more paternal side of Hank in the ending when Becca can’t sleep and he stays on the phone with her to help her count the mermaids like they used to when she was a little girl. A very touching scene.

  • There are so many good episodes, but if I have to pick just one, I’d go with ‘California Son’. David laid it all out there. ‘Nuff said.

  • I have to say I love, love, love this show! And I really love David Duchovny, he is my favorite actor! My favorite episode of the first season is the pilot episode! I thought there was so much good stuff in that episode. But actually all the episodes are great!

  • Leonora

    I love all the episodes, but let’s say that my favourite is ‘Hell-A Woman’.
    I think it’s perfectly structured and witty written with very strong combination of drama and comedy, irony and seriousness. The puking scene is very brave and absolutely hilarious. And I love when Hank leaves the porn actress so that she can take care of her baby and I love what Hank says to Sonia about her body. Hank’s daydreams about him and Karen in the car are very touching and almost poetic. So in short, totally great episode, as most of them are.

  • Pierre

    All is good in Californication, all episodes, actors, music, accessories (I want the same Porsche!..)
    It’s hard to choose. Perhaps the pilot, in which I have very quickly plunged with delight.

  • Conner

    The Devil’s Threesome. You can’t possibly believe that Hank is going to sink so low – yet he does. He fucking does and it is brilliant.

  • David Cappaert

    I loved the entire first season and cant wait for season 2. I’m going to have to say the pilot episode because it’s tied together so perfectly to get you into the show. It also has My Morning Jacket’s cover of Elton Johns’ “Rocket Man” at the end of the episode when Hank feels the pain of being away from the ones he loves. This show from episode 1 till the final freeze frame in the end is a roller coaster, in my mind it is the best show on right now, yea better than weeds or entourage.

  • Laura

    This is SO unfair! I only found out about this when my friend, Marlene (above, who has met David Duchovny at least 322,094,978 times (that I know of)) told me she’d won this poster!

    You MUST understand that she has met the man at least 10,467,953 times (that I know of) and, well, it’s STILL September 12th in California, as I write this, where “Californication” is set and filmed!

    I would like to enter my chance for a poster — on a sympathy vote because, well, like I said above, Marlene has met David 5,358,741,026 times (that I know of).

    Besides, I have pneumonia and am in bed sick. I can even get a note from my doctor for you, if that will help!

    And, by the way, my favorite episode so far is “California Son” — because we saw a side of Hank that he had been trying to repress and which obviously had caused him a lot of pain and anguish. Hank’s father’s seeming lack of interest in him as a child very likely set him, partly, on his road of self-destructive behaviors. The entire cast’s acting was flawless and Hank and Karen getting back together in the wake of Hank’s father’s death was very emotional. It even brought tears to my eyes.

    Thank you for posting this, even though I know I don’t have a chance of getting a poster (like my friend Marlene, who has met David Duchovny 4,084,674,133 times (that i know of))!


  • Congrats to Marlene – Laura (and everyone else), stay tuned for some exciting CALIFORNICATION fun in the coming weeks!!

  • Laura

    Dear Amrie,

    I take it my sympathy ploy didn’t work, huh? I really *can* get that doctor’s note, you know!

    Darn you, Marlene (who has met the man 9,182,765,034,581 times (that I know of)!

    (She knows I love her!)


  • Marlene

    LOL:) Laura you are a riot!! I was so excited that I not only forgot to send them my zip code but i also instead of putting PA. I put Pal:) Had to send another e-mail to correct it:)