MAD MEN: The New Girl

The thing I love most about Sunday nights these days is a fantastic episode of MAD MEN to cap off the weekend and get me ready for work the next day.

Last night’s episode “The New Girl” was no different.  I think it was one of my favorite so far.  If you haven’t seen last night’s episode, there are some spoilers within!

Poor Trudy – Pete isn’t going to feel any better about staying in his for-show marriage (I’m sure he loves her in his own way) now that he knows that he’s firing on all cylinders, and Trudy is the one possibly causing the infertility problems.  I wonder what will happen when Pete finds out that he has already reproduced.  Can’t wait for that story line.

Poor Betty Draper – Will Don ever learn?  Or rather, will Betty ever learn?  Don spends too much time with other women, not enough time with his wife.  I guess Rachel’s marriage really threw him for a loop and he somehow ends up driving to the beach with Bobbi.  And then the lies brought on by the car crash that he blamed on his blood pressure meds?  Betty, do me a favor, and up and leave!

Here’s the scene of Bobbi and Don heading to the beach:

Go ahead Peggy – Calling Mr. Draper “Don” for the very first time!  I thought it was great that Peggy and Don share this past where he helped her when she was at her worst, so he felt like she would be able to help him.  Hopefully, we’ll see Peggy start to blossom.

The new girl – Looks like Joan finally found the perfect secretary for Don.  I wonder what we’ll learn about her in the next few episodes.  And PS – big congrats to Joan on the engagement!

The MAD MEN – This scene about Zippermusic?  Classic.  I can totally picture this happening at offices around the country, let alone offices in 1962!

I think this episode warrants a second viewing, so I hope to have the chance tonight!