Wow, did you guys all watch this last night?  I knew that I should expect some wild and crazy stuff, but this was banoodles!  So much going on in 2 hours of TV!  Let’s see where we stand after the first two episodes and where we can possibly go from here:

Tony – he’s a total “wanker” to use the British term.  He’s not really nice to his friends, he expects too much out of them, he treats Sid totally wrong, and he and Michelle don’t exactly have a healthy relationship.  But I love this kid.  He does what he wants, he says what he wants, he’s just a brazen teenager and totally kicks ass.  I think his best quality is his ability to protect is silent sister.  It shows that he does have a heart.


Sid – why does this poor little nerdling let Tony and all of his other friends push him around?  I felt so terrible for him and the creepy creepy drug dealer, Mad.  And I wish that he wasn’t so blinded by his love for Michelle that he missed the obvious affection that crazy-free-spirit Cassie has for him.  Hopefully we’ll get to see more of that play out, as he realizes that she is confiding in him but not in anyone else. 



Michelle – We haven’t gotten much insight into her yet, other than the fact that she loves her boyfriend very much and she enjoys making out with him very publicly in front of anyone and without care.  Her mother is freshly married to Malcolm who I think we’re supposed dislike right off the bat.  I think I like her.  I certainly like her choice in shoe wear.



Cassie – This poor ethereal girl with so many issues that it’s hard to pinpoint her worst problem.  It’s one thing after another for her, including but not limited to, her parents’ raging hormones, naked paintings of her mother all over the place, her inability to eat, her more than small addiction to some sort of pill, her imagination that her phone is receiving text messages.  She’s just so screwed up, and I hope that hanging out with the friends she has doesn’t make it worse.  I was very happy to see her [spoiler alert] eating a hamburger at the dive bar after she called her taxi driving buddy.  Let’s hope that she continues to get well!


Chris – I love this character.  He’s my favorite so far, I think.  He’s your typical go with the flow, don’t care what’s happening, type of guy, and he’s just awesome.  I also really like the brazen way they’re approaching the “will he/won’t he” relationship with his teacher Angie.  I personally think it will happen (not being spoiled certainly allows me to think that).  I think if I was friends with anyone in the group, it would be Chris, because he’s just so “whatever” ha!


Maxxie – What a fun guy he is.  Flamboyantly gay and absolutely okay with that, he exudes confidence, which is so much different than I’m used to seeing on a teen drama.  I can’t wait to the see the episode all about him because I want to learn so much more about him, what makes him tick.  I LOVED the tap dancing on the phone with Tony and I think he’s going to slowly make his way up the list of favorite characters for me!


Anwar – We haven’t learned much about Anwar yet, but I think he’s going to prove to be one of the more interesting characters.  Completely immersed in his chosen beliefs, but at the same time, just trying to have a great time with his friends, whatever crazy roads that leads him down. 


Jal – We get the hint that she’s a clarinet player, but she certainly doesn’t let that stop her from hanging out with this crazy bunch.  Her episode is up next, and I’m looking forward to it.  We get to see her interact with her dad, and see how her life clashes with his. 






What did everyone think of the first two episodes of Series 1/2 of SKINS?  I cannot wait until next week’s episode – I’ve already set a series recording!