Tuesday Night TV

How is everyone doing after the fantastic night of Olympics coverage on NBC last night?  I’m throwing back the caffeine, that’s for sure.  Tuesdays in the fall are going to be awesome with HOUSE and FRINGE back to back, but let’s see what’s in store for one of our last summer season Tuesdays:

On the Big 5 Networks:

ABC:  There’s a rerun of WIPEOUT, followed by a new episode of their new show WANNA BET featuring Tom Green as a guest judge.  An all new PRIMETIME: MEDICAL MYSTERIES takes the 10PM slot.  I sometimes get so fascinated by the mysteries on that show, but then I start self-diagnosing and it all ends badly.

CBS:  A new BIG BROTHER is sandwiched between a rerun of NCIS and a rerun of WITHOUT A TRACE.  Who will get the Power of Veto and will they use it?  I am loving this season!

NBC:  It’s all about the OLYMPICS, again!  Tonight, Michael Phelps goes for number 4.  There are three other finals tonight – two women’s events and one male.  We’ll also get to see the women’s Team finals in gymnastics and some synchronized diving!

CW:  Rerun of BEAUTY AND THE GEEK and Rerun of REAPER (the one where Greg comes back).


On the basic cable channels:

TNT:  A few hours of THE CLOSER reruns make for some good TV while waiting for the DVR to get far enough ahead on the Olympics that I can fast forward the lame commrecials! 

ABC Family:  Mega hit THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER airs a new episode.  Previews feature a big Amy/Ricky blow up so this should be good!

SciFi: Don’t miss a new episode of the craziest town on the planet on EUREKA.  This show slowly crept it’s way up to the top of my favorites list!

What are you all watching tonight?