Monday Night TV

There is so much on TV tonight it’s insanity.  When did Mondays become the busy night of my week?  Time to check out what’s on tonight and what is worth watching –

On the Big 5 Networks:

ABC:  There’s a new episode of HSM: GET IN THE PICTURE at 8, followed by 2 reruns of SAMANTHA WHO? at 9.  The real finale of THE MOLE airs tonight at 10.  I’m not sure anymore who I think the mole is because every single week, my pick has been eliminated…

CBS:  Reruns of their comedy lineup (one of my favorite BIG BANG THEORY episodes where Penny can’t sing and Sheldon invents his cousin), plus a rerun of CSI: MIAMI.

NBC:  It’s all about the OLYMPICS!  Tonight, Michael Phelps swims for his third gold medal, plus Natalie Coughlin and Aaron Peirsol swim to defend their titles.  We’ll get to see the men’s gymnastics finals (not live), as well as beach volleyball and men’s synchro diving (which is just the coolest thing EVER).

CW:  Reruns of GOSSIP GIRL (the one where Jenny doesn’t believe Asher is gay) and ONE TREE HILL (where Lucas broods, Haley bitches, and Jamie is the cutest thing EVER).

FOX:  Reruns of PRISON BREAK (Season 3 on DVD tomorrow) and TERMINATOR: TSCC.

On the basic cable channels:

TNT:  Up first, we have a new episode of THE CLOSER.  It focuses on Flynn and Provenza and the hot water they get into when they have to cut loose a suspect (guest star Jennifer Coolidge) because they lose important evidence.  SAVING GRACE is on at 9 and it sounds like there is a lot going on, the least of which is 1000s of dollars found in Grace’s car, and Ham’s brother going missing in Afghanistan! 

ABC Family:  ABC Family tries to capture the ratings from BRING IT ON AGAIN (really) by airing it as a lead in for an all new THE MIDDLEMAN with guest star Kevin Sorbo.  He stars as a Middleman from 1969 who gets unfrozen to help solve a problem that Dub Dub and Sexy Boss Man face.  Should be awesome!  Tell 100,000 of your friends to watch it!

MTV:  Check out their latest made-for-tv movie THE AMERICAN MALL airing at 9.  Then be sure to pick up the soundtrack tomorrow!

TLC:  I love JON & KATE PLUS 8!  The kids are so adorable and I think Jon and Kate are hilarious.  Tonight, they take the kids down South for a beach trip.  The long car ride, and a fear of heights cause some headaches for the parents!

On the premium cable channels:

SHOWTIME:  A new episode of WEEDS gets even crazier as Nancy finds out about Silas’ cougar and Shane’s weird fantasies.  Also, Andy and Doug have a little meet up with El Coyote while smuggling illegals  into the country.  They’re also showing the pilot episode of CALIFORNICATION, getting ready for season 2 to premiere in a few weeks.

HBO2:  If you missed it last night (like me), there’s another new part of GENERATION KILL airing tonight.  This miniseries is insane – I love it!

What are you all watching tonight?  Still catching up on last week’s TV, let alone trying to watch tonight’s TV, like me?