Dub-Dub and Sexy Boss Man

I spent last night catching up on three weeks of THE MIDDLEMAN.  There were plenty of other great shows on that I could have watched.  THE CLOSER and SAVING GRACE for example, which are fantastic shows.  But I could not tear myself away from ABC Family On Demand!  I will be discussing episodes below, so if you haven’t tuned in yet, what are you waiting for, and don’t read ahead!

The Boy-Band Superfan Interrogation – Am I alone in that I’ve never heard of Varisty Fan Club?  Apparently, they’re a super popular boy band….of aliens.  I seriously loved this episode.  From Hawks of the Luftwafen (sp?), to the scream o’meter, to the death of the teenaged alien close to retirement, it was nonstop and enjoyable.  Keeslar and Morales have incredible chemistry, and I totally buy them as this brother/sister or father/daughter team of Middlemen.  I was worried, too, that we were going to lose Ida for good.  Thankfully, she showed up, punching!

The Cursed Tuba Contingency – This was another of those incredibly out there, but not so out there that you want to change the change episodes.  Exploring the Lacey / SexyBossMan relationship was fun, but I’m not sure I enjoyed how quickly it played out.  I get that they can’t be together because of how dangerous it is for her, but they are so adorable together!  I’m thinking there’s a little something-something going down between Noser and Lacey this season, but that’s just a hunch without concrete effort.  The Tuba player from the Titanic was super-creepy, but I loved how the episode played as an homage to the fantastic mid-90s movie!  All of the guest actors on this show just crack me up!

The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation – It was only a matter of time before Dub-Dub needed to infiltrate a sorority house, right?  I wish they wouldn’t make Natalie Morales wear the Middleman uniform all the time.  She was adorable in that little blue dress that she wore to go undercover.  And the kid from 7th Heaven (Mike…Lucy’s “just a friend”) was hilarious playing all the female ghosts, and eventually having to pretend to be talking to the spirit of The Middleman (what do you think his real name is?).  I liked when his body was inhabited by Ashley Johnson’s character, because we got to see him cut loose and not wear his stuffy uniform the whole time.  Oh and I was happy to see his jealousy over the Lacey-Tyler relationship.  And I’m glad that the Tyler character came back and that he realized that it was Wendy and not Lacey that he totally bonded with during the two days he can’t remember from a while back.  I’m so in love with this show.

Up next?  Kevin Sorbo appears as a Middleman from the 1960s.  I’ve seen a few clips from the upcoming episode and I have to say, it does not disappoint.  Do me a favor and tell 100,000 of your friends to find this show and catch up on it?  I don’t want to see Javi’s baby go under!

That’s my take.  What’s yours?