PonyBoy's Manic Monday…

Did you ever wake up and just feel like the day was going to be a terrible day? 

That’s me today, for sure.  I am 2 weeks behind on just about every television show that I consistently watch. That means I haven’t seen Burn Notice, Flashpoint, The Closer, Saving Grace, Mad Men, Secret Life of the American Teenager, or anything really for two solid weeks.  Since before the Comic Con adventures of last week.  The only things I’ve managed to keep up to date on are Design Star and Swingtown because Design Star reruns a lot, and Swingtown is available on CBS.com and I can watch it at work. 

San Diego was a lot of fun.  A stressful whirlwind of events that included meeting Matthew Fox (Jack Shephard from Lost, people) and Matt Keeslar (Johnny Savage from Waiting for Guffman and The Middleman from The Middleman)!  Didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked, because I felt weird taking the pics in the middle of an intimate round table interview, but I’ll have memories of making eye contact with Jason O’Mara to keep me smiling!  Just a heads up – just because you don’t realize you’ve been in an earthquake does not mean you don’t remember it hours later.

My sister and I were at Seaport Village on Tuesday of last week during the earthquake.  However, we didn’t realize it until 2PM that day.  My mom called us immediately after the quake to ask if we’d felt it and we said “duh, Mom, we’re in SD, not LA, obviously, we didn’t feel it”.  Then we watched the news and learned that the skyscrapers in Downtown SD had shaken, which meant that 2 minutes away from that, we obviously had felt something.  Turns out when I blamed the small Asian man for shaking the whole concrete patio by sitting down, perhaps I should have realized that it was being quaked by the Earth….

Back to work at the daily 9-5 today for my first full week in a long time.  I am so not looking forward to this.  Not because I don’t like my job, because I actually do, but because I’m not sure how well I’ll do maintaining the whole “need to be awake to complete the job” issue….

I miss the folks from 518 at the Marriot…