Live it up…

I enjoy Swingtown.  Dare I say it, Swingtown has become one of my favorite summer shows.  I know it keeps going down (hey now) in the ratings but I never miss it.  I spent the majority of the last two weeks away from my TV or TiVo or DVR and the first show I found myself wanting to catch up with was Swingtown!

After Friday night’s crazy episode of swingers clubs and embarassing encounters, let’s take a look at our favorite couples, because that’s what it’s all about!

Trina and Tom – Let me get it out of the way really quickly – Lana Parilla kind of overdoes it and sometimes it makes me mad.  But in general, Tom and Trina are my favorite.  They honestly love each other so much and they both seem very confused about what the next step in the relationship should be.  For now, their relationship is closed, but I don’t know that it can last very long, what with the neighbors dragging them to swingers clubs whenever the opportunity arises.

Susan and Bruce – I don’t know that I would have so readily forgiven Bruce were I Susan.  I mean, sure, they’ve shared another couple together, but he knowingly cheated on Susan with Melinda (was anyone else surprised to hear that they had just kissed because I was).  Maybe she’s just forgiving him quickly because she’s busy spending her time fantasizing about former neighbor, current dreamboat Roger.  Whatever the case, these two are so screwed up, I can’t imagine they can ever recover.  But if the whole idea of the series is exploring the relationship between the two, can they really ever go their separate ways?

Janet and Roger – I think Miriam Shor is fantastic.  I love what she does with the Janet character.  The ups and downs, from one party to the next, this woman is classic.  While a part of me wants to see Roger and Susan do the deed, I love how much effort Janet puts into keeping Roger all to herself.  I think that he really does love her, but he’s obviously looking for more, like a certain redhead we all know and love.  If anything happens with Janet and Roger, please let her get drunk and throw Tom and Trina’s marriage wide open!  I love the Tom/Jan chemistry!

Laurie and Doug – Is anyone else over this relationship?  I had a teacher once that I wouldn’t have minded dating, but seriously, now that her parents know, can it really last?  This is the one storyline I tend to fast forward through, in an effort to get to their inevitable break up that much quicker.

Sam and BJ – How did BJ turn into such a smooth kid?  I loved that Sam punched Ricky for trying to forcibly insert his tongue into her mouth, and I love that BJ ran after her, and I was actually all uplifted when he planted a big one on her.  And just the minute at the end of the episode where Sam reached out and put her hand on BJ’s leg…Suddenly, I got a lot more interested in seeing if they can make this a mature storyline without the typical teen-cliches.

Where do we go from here?  Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of the always awesome Mark Valley (Brad) and the fallout of the Susan / Bruce / Sylvia / Brad / Laurie / Doug fiasco could be huge.  I hope CBS continues to show it’s belief in the series and at least lets us have a solid Season 1.  Hopefully, if the ratings aren’t great, CBS has let the creative team behind the show know so they have a fitting finale prepared….I really don’t want Josh Hopkins out looking for work!

  • Just Jody

    I’ve been enjoying Swingtown too. It makes me smile. At first I found Janet annoying, but now i really love her. And I think something more happened with Bruce and the trader girl too. Why else would he have needed to take a shower?

  • might check it out and see what its like.