Chicago was amazing.  I had a great trip, and really enjoyed the USA Upfronts!

Maria from the WWE was so great – really sweet, really down to earth.  Gorgeous, and just a really nice person who wants to some day make it in the movies or on TV as an actress.  She has a presence about her – very awesome.

Corbin Bernson – I am seriously rocking a huge crush on Corbin.  He was so great, with that gravelly voice, and looking all hot for a 50-something man.  He smelled good too ha!  He was charming, and had great stories to tell about why he likes working and how he picks interesting roles.  He also doesn’t know who will be playing Shawn’s dad on Psych, but he has heard the same rumors we all have.

 Tony Shalhoub – where do I even begin?  He was funny, and sweet, and down to earth, and soft spoken, and charming, and shorter than I expected, and just really great.  He told me a story about menus at restaurants and his OCD worries about them.  He loved that my dad calls me Monk.  It was very awesome to stand there with my cocktail in hand while Tony had his cocktail in hand like we were just shooting the shit at a party.  Just fabulous.

Shocker of all shockers, my favorite person of the night was Gabrielle Anwar from Burn Notice.  It’s not a big shock because I generally love her and her characters, but she was absolutely hilarious and I did not expect that!  She was self-deprecating and charming, and bubbly, and happy to be there.  I just enjoyed every minute we spent with her!  The best part?  She said that Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken was one of the most fun shoots she’s ever been on, and that’s like one of my favorite movies!  Amazing!

I’m not happy to be home, but I’ll just count down the days until Miami and Vancouver and San Diego!