Rescue Me…

This season has been decidedly uneven, and I thought that last night’s episode was no different.  Nothing seemed urgent, as it should be in a season finale.  I could have done without the Artie Lange scenes at the bar with Lou.  I do LOVE that Sean has been hanging out with Tommy’s family because he married in, even though it seems like Young Tatum has dumped him officially.  Why does everyone want to sleep with Tommy Gavin?  He’s pretty much a raving lunatic (which seems to be what the Chief thinks, too.).  OOH Black Sean is going to get in SO much trouble when Tommy finds out he’s dating Colleen!!!  Ok, so yeah, a picnic in the park isn’t exactly full scale dating, but it’s heading there.  There has been too little air time for Michael Lombardi this year….I miss Siletti.  I like caring, forgiving Franco who told Natalie to just be.  That was nice.  And that ending?  Why wouldn’t Tommy say anything?  Instead of just sit there holding his dad?  I guess he just really wanted to live out that Field of Dreams moment.  Who knows?  We’ll see what happens when it comes back….and wait, when did Nut-bag (Sheila) get Elvis/Wyatt’s ear pierced?  I thought Tommy had talked her out of it?  Anyway, I can’t wait to see Sheila and Janet duke it out. I miss Jimmy O’Keefe – bring back James McCaffrey soon!!!  That’s it for me.  What did you think?

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