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STITCHERS at SDCC 2017: Jeff Schechter, Ritesh Rajan, and Damon Dayoub on their ideal stitches

We had the chance to chat with STITCHERS EP Jeff Schechter and series stars Ritesh Rajan and Damon Dayoub in San Diego earlier this month at Comic Con. Besides what is going on in the show, the guys had a chance to talk about their ideal stitches – presidents they’d love to explore. They also spent some time chatting about relationships – Camille/Amanda, Ivy/Linus, Fisher and his wife, plus the darkness of losing beloved characters. Check it out and make

STITCHERS at SDCC 2017: Kyle Harris & Emma Ishta on working together, being at odds, and whether we can trust Ivy

While in San Diego for Comic Con earlier this month, MToT got some face time with the stars of STITCHERS to talk about where things go – at the end of last week’s episode, it seemed that Kirsten’s anger towards Cameron had subsided, but we still took time to ask the actors what it’s been like being at odds this season. And of course I had to make sure I asked the all important question: Can we trust Ivy??? Check