Comic Con 2016: Antony Starr and Justin Chatwin look back on a season of AMERICAN GOTHIC

AMERICAN GOTHIC has proven to be the surprise of the summer for me – a darkly funny show that follows a wealthy family as they deal with all kinds of insane things, including but not limited to, everyone being suspects for a string of murders done by a serial killer dubbed the Silver Bells Killer.

With a cast including Virginia Madsen, Juliet Rylance, Meghan Ketch, Justin Chatwin, and Antony Starr, plus genius breakout child star Gabriel Bateman, the show has kept me guessing all season long.

At San Diego Comic Con two weeks ago, we had a chance to sit with the boys of AMERICAN GOTHIC, Antony Starr and Justin Chatwin, to talk about whether they ever suspected they were playing the killer, who is usually the most hated person on set, and how knowing or not knowing what was coming next informed how they played their roles.

Check it out above and tell us – who do you think is the killer?