Comic Book News Round Up

ArrowWith all of the news coming out of the TV world that super heroes are popping up left and right, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on the latest news about what we might be seeing in the coming months!

Over on The CW, you have shows like THE FLASH, ARROW, and the upcoming iZOMBIE; ABC has Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. and AGENT CARTER; FOX is covering GOTHAM’s gritty history and wants an XMEN series; Netflix is launching Marvel’s DAREDEVIL and AKA JESSICA JONES in the near future (the teaser for DAREDEVIL is out and it’s incredible); NBC also has (had?) CONSTANTINE.

It was announced last week that SUPERGIRL has been found – the CBS show cast former GLEE star Melissa Benoist as the titular heroine – and we also heard that we’ll be seeing a familiar face as Jimmy Olsen. Mehcad Brooks, from TRUE BLOOD and NECESSARY ROUGHNESS will put a different spin on the eager reporter who is usually associated with Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

We also heard that Rachael Taylor (CHARLIE’S ANGELS reboot) is joining Marvel’s AKA JESSICA JONES (coming to Netflix soonish) as best friend to Krysten Ritter’s JJ. In even better news, David Tennant’s joining as series villain Kilgrave.

It was also announced that the CW is looking to spin off Brandon Routh’s ARROW character, Ray Palmer, into his own A.T.O.M. centric show (have you seen the suit that we’ll first season in episode 15? (pictured)). The pilot for what is likely a guaranteed 2015-2016 CW series will air as an episode of ARROW later this year.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – you have PREACHER, TITANS, DMZ, SCALPED, LUCIFER, and KRYPTON (all DC entities) in some phase of development, Marvel is always looking for something new, and that’s not to mention POWERS (which looks amazing) on Playstation and the HEROES reboot on NBC. With the sudden rebirth of comic book heroes making their way to the various TV and computer screens, kind of makes you wonder – what comes next? Will it be Guardians of the Galaxy’s Adam Warlock? Who knows?