Jane Seymour previews tonight’s all new FOREVER

JANE SEYMOUR, JUDD HIRSCHTonight on FOREVER, while Henry and Jo are investigating the death of a man who may or may not have been killed by his domination therapist Iona (played with relish by Hilarie Burton who should definitely get herself back on TV in a regular role, stat!), Abe is dealing with the return of his two-time ex wife Maureen, who came back to wreak a little havoc and offer him a preposition.

The Maureen in question is played by the lovely Jane Seymour, and we spent some time chatting about what brings her to town, if we’ll see her again, and, for a bit, how crazy technology has gotten since the DR QUINN days!

Talk a little bit about how you show up in the episode and who Maureen is.
Maureen Delacroix is the twice married and divorced wife, ex-wife, of Judd Hirsch’s character, of Abe.  She’s come back because she’s curious to see him again.  They have a certain undeniable passion for one another, and they’re not necessarily good for each other, but they just can’t stay away.  She’s come back because her most recent has died and left her a lot of money, and I think she suddenly realized that the man she’d really like to be with is Abe.

I like that we get little glimpses of their relationship and you and Judd seem at ease with each other. There was a chemistry there that really helped us understand the characters – we get it right away.
It was really fun – I came in to do that one role, and Judd and I hit it off immediately.  There was great chemistry; we worked really well together.  Halfway through the day, the producers said, “would you consider coming back?” [laughs], so I think it’s entirely possible you might see more of Abe and Maureen.  I had a lot of fun doing it.  Of course, he’s an extraordinary actor – so many layers to his performance.  As well as being comedic, it’s also very sweet.

JANE SEYMOURYou mention them asking – that was one of my big questions – will we see you again, so it’s nice to hear it is possible!
They have told me at the time, they said, that they would like me to come back.  They haven’t told me when, and there’s nothing in the definitive, but now that they’ve been picked up for another 9, I made it clear to them that I would definitely be interested.

What was it that drew you to Maureen?  Was there something about her?  Did you know the writers, or of the show?
It was so random!  It was so random – I asked them, “how did you pick me?” and one of the producers told me he was talking about it at the dinner table at home one night, and his 12 year old said “you need Jane Seymour” [laughs].  And that’s how I got the part!  I thanked her on a video chat or something.  I told her, thank you, I’d never been cast by a 12 year old before!  I don’t know what she saw, maybe she saw the AMERICAN GIRL DOLL movie [laughs], I’m not sure!  I’m not sure what she saw [laughs].  I’m very grateful, and it was so sweet.  I was on the set, I did all of my scenes in one day.  I was very busy at the time, as were they.  We did them all together, and at the end, our producer/director said, “I don’t want to say goodbye to Jane; we’re saying au revoir.”

You’ve been in the business for so long to hear that 12 year olds are saying “you need Jane Seymour” – what is that like as an actor having been around the business?
That is absolutely the coolest thing on the planet.  To think that a 12 year old would actually be wanting to see me, is very exciting.  And then of course, when I did WEDDING CRASHERS, all of the 30-40something, which is interesting.  Of course, DR QUINN has many generations.  The grandparents would watch it with the parents who’d would watch it with the grandchildren, and now new generations are watching that. It’s really timeless – it’s back in time anyway.  It’s a great way to learn about American History and humanity in general.  There are tons of different genres that I’ve done, and of course Hallmark – I just did a movie that’s coming out the 22nd, ROYAL CHRISTMAS.  I’ve played a lot of different characters.  I think it’s fun that at this time in my life, I get to play a lot of really different characters, and I’m enjoying it.

JUDD HIRSCH, JANE SEYMOURTalking about being on TV – we’ve seen you guest star on a lot of shows here and there.  Would you be interested in returning to a series as a regular, or is it just now, enjoying the many different characters?
You know, I’m open to anything. If a really terrific role comes along, I would do it.  I just did a great little movie, indie movie, with Malcolm McDowell and Keith Carradine, I’m very proud of, called BEREAVE.  I just co-produced a wonderful documentary about Glen Campbell, called I’LL BE ME.  I love being creative – I also paint and design and do other things.  I think if I was offered a really cool series to do, I would not be against doing that.  I love having a character that can really build.

Do you get a chance in your busy schedule, to sit down and watch TV?  Is there something that you gravitate towards?
My confession is that I have to TiVo.  I have to binge-watch.  I’m really bad for advertisers.  I’m either a Netflix or a binge-watcher.  I catch up on many.  It’s very hard for me, because I like to see the beginning of a series, and if I’ve missed 3 or 4, I feel like I’m never going to catch up.  I watched one of FOREVER before I did it, and I realized that you can watch them separately.

JANE SEYMOUR, JUDD HIRSCHIt’s so crazy how the world has changed since we were running home to catch DR QUINN and we had to watch it live. 
My kids who are 18, they never watch anything on television.  They watch everything, somehow, on the computer, and I have yet to understand how they do it! I feel like a dinosaur; it’s terrible!

Why is FOREVER a show people should be watching, especially tonight?
I think this is a very colorful episode – I think the premise, the idea of a man who can never die, who lives forever, and it goes back in time.  It’s a wonderful combination of science fiction, and a mystery, and real relationships in the real world.  I think the acting is excellent, the writing is definitely wonderful, and I think it’s pretty exciting.  They got picked up for another 9, and it’s wonderful.  I think people will now have a chance to really grow with it.  There are so many different shows on the air, and I know that my fans love FOREVER, because the DR QUINN fans have made it quite clear!

FOREVER airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on ABC.  For more information on the show, head to FOREVER @ ABC.com!