ROOKIE BLUE’S Gregory Smith teases “Different, Not Better” and what’s coming next!

GREGORY SMITHROOKIE BLUE returns to ABC tonight with an exciting all new episode that finds some awkward pairings on patrol: Andy and Marlo Cruz (Swarek’s new girlfriend…yikes) are forced to work together and immediately start butting heads while Dov and Chloe find themselves once again in close quarters, due to her transfer to 15 Division!

We spent some time chatting with Gregory Smith (Dov) about what’s coming up for Dov and Chloe, what he would love to see for Dov, and where his directing cap will be worn next!  Check out what Greg had to say, and be sure to catch the all new episode tonight at 10/9c on ABC!

I’ve been enjoying the show for so long.  Feels so creatively strong, still keeps you on the edge of your seat each week.  Being a part of the show, do you have the same feeling – getting each new script and being excited to get to set and shoot the next one?
Yeah, always!  From the writers, to the directors, and all the other actors, it really feels like kind of a dream team.

Talking about all new episodes – we obviously have the Chloe and Dov one-night-stand that they’re still dealing with, but it sounds like they’ll be working together when the show returns [tonight].  What can you tease for us about that?
So, Chloe turns out to be transferring to 15 Division, and ironically, Dov ends up riding with her.  It goes from being a one-night-stand to a long, long walk of shame.

MISSY PEREGRYM, GREGORY SMITHDo you see a future beyond having to deal with each other as partners, for this relationship?
I think Chloe definitely challenges Dov in ways that no one else sort of has.  There’s definitely an underlying simpatico.

What can you tease about what we can expect for the season?
There’s a lot of really strong episodes coming up.  Episode 5 is one of my favorites.  Generally, the arc or structure of the season, it sort of, each episode gains in intensity, and it builds towards a big climax unlike anything we’ve seen before.

GREGORY SMITHWe’ve seen each character grow and change over the years – what have been some of your favorite things about playing Dov and getting to learn and grow with and as him?
It’s nice when your characters grow in concert with you, with the actors playing them.  I think that’s always been true on ROOKIE BLUE – you know, we all start off as rookies, excited, new, trying to figure out how all, this policing thing works.  Much like we were trying to figure out, you know, how to pull out our guns, and use the handcuffs, and all of that.  I think that’s been true sort of every step of the way.  We’re all, for the most part, late 20s or so, and more settled into the show and into our lives, and that’s a lot of what the show deals with.

Everywhere I turn, I feel like when I bring the show up, there is someone telling me that they love ROOKIE BLUE.  Do you get a lot of fan reaction, what have people been saying?
A lot of people ask about, when McNally and Swarek are going to get together.  A lot of people are still upset and don’t mince words about why we had to kill Jerry [laughs].  I would so those are probably the two main things about the show.  And then a lot of people are like “Oh my god, I can’t believe you dated that guy’s sister!” and I’m like, neither can I!  I’m sorry! [laughs].

Do you have a chance to sit with the writers, and give your input on what you’d like to see for Dov?  Is it interactive?
I would say, for me, the times where you have the most, whenever it’s an episode where it’s going to be particularly heavy on one of the characters, then the writers invite that actor into the process a little bit more, and then for me, when I’m directing, then obviously, I’m very involved in the entire process.  I’ll take months ahead, when they’re first breaking the story, as to what my storyline is going to be in the episode I’m directing, just to wrap my head around it, because it’s quite a task.

MISSY PEREGRYM, CHARLOTTE SULLIVAN, GREGORY SMITHI’d imagine it can be difficult to be an actor on a show, and be directing yourself and fellow actors.  It sounds like it’s been a seamless process for you – what’s the major difference for you between now having that “slash” to your name, being an Actor/Director vs an Actor?
Well, for me, it’s something, since I was like twelve years old, it’s been something I’ve wanted to do. I felt like I’ve been taking notes and watching people, and learning, so for me, the biggest difference is that I feel like I finally am doing what I was meant to do haha [laughs]!  As opposed to just doing it in my head, you know? [laughs]  Other than that, there’s no big differences.  There’s lots of little differences.  As an actor, it’s your job to be aware of your character and aware of your characters reality, and tune everything else out, right, like if you’re thinking where the lights are, and the cameras, you’re not going to be in the scene and it’s not good?  But as a director, your job is to be aware of everything that’s going on around you, so it’s a little bit weird, because it’s like you suddenly see beyond the veil, of the inner-workings of the set.

If you had your way, and you had 100% say in it, what would you ultimately love to see as a fitting end for Dov?
I always liked the idea that he would end up as a training officer.  You know, pay it forward, the lessons he’s learned and end up like an Oliver character.

What do you have beyond ROOKIE BLUE that we can look forward to?
The next kind of thing is a directing assignment.  I start directing an episode of SAVING HOPE.  After that, it’s all up in the air!

ROOKIE BLUE returns tonight to ABC at 10/9c.  For all things ROOKIE BLUE, head to ABC’s site for videos, recaps, and more!