My Take on….TNT Tuesday nights: RIZZOLI & ISLES and PERCEPTION

23210_001_0333_RTonight at 9/8c, RIZZOLI & ISLES returns to TNT with their 4th season premiere. The episode, which follows what happens when a Senator is gunned down by a sniper during a community parade, is a nice re-introduction to Jane and Maura.  Dr Isles hasn’t been herself since she gave her kidney away to her previously-unknown sister, and Rizzoli is doing her best to help her snap out of it, while they investigate the murder.  Frankie got great news about his job prospects, the story continues as it typically does – interesting murder, interesting resolution.  For me, though, the show is about the character growth, and everyone seems to be doing that quite well.  Though the episode description online mentions it, I’m allowing this sentence to be long to alert you that I’m about to spoil a small part of the episode if you think guest stars are spoilers…..Recurring guest star Chris Vance is back as Casey, and given my love for great fake-American accents and dislike of bad fake-American accents, my favorite part of the episode is a conversation that he and Jane have outside her apartment.  Second episode continues the character growth and provides some laughs.  Definitely worth watching this summer!

23263_005_1165_RFollowing the R&I premiere is season 2 of PERCEPTION, which brings charmer Scott Wolf back to TV for a bit as Kate’s soon-to-be-ex-hubby Donny. He’s perfectly cast as a smarmy DA who you can’t help but fall in love with (because come on, he’s SCOTT WOLF and that smile….sigh), yet hate at the same time! When we dive back in, Daniel’s been on his meds for 9 months, and he’s been doing okay, or so we think, as the first two episodes follow is descent back into unsteadiness.  Eric McCormack is doing great work as a man treading on the edge of sanity, and his chemistry with both Kelly Rowan (who is fantastic in whatever role she’s playing…here or elsewhere) and Rachael Leigh Cook is great, as both relationships continue to deepen in Season 2.  Give the show a shot if you haven’t already – it’s an interesting look into the minds and how they impact our decisions to eat certain foods or commit certain crimes.