Sara Paxton previews LOVESTRUCK: THE MUSICAL on ABC Family

SARA PAXTONTonight on ABC Family at 8/7c, Sara Paxton, Jane Seymour, Chelsea Kane, and Drew Seeley star in a musical movie called LOVESTRUCK: THE MUSICAL, a story about a dancer, Mirabella, who wants to leave the dancing world behind when she gets married, and the mother, a former dancer herself, who will do whatever she can to make sure that doesn’t happen. When something a little crazy happens between the start of her trip and her arrival in Italy, Mom (Jane Seymour) has a new lease on how exactly she might try to stop this wedding. What happens next is a fun few hours of singing, dancing, and a beautiful setting that provide a good way to pass some Sunday night TV time!

I spent some time emailing with star Sara Paxton, who plays Mirabella (I lost my voice right before our scheduled phoner and couldn’t put her through that), about what to expect in tonight’s movie!

Tell me a little bit about the movie, and your character Mirabella.
Lovestruck is a story about Harper (Jane Seymour) and her daughter Mirabella (me). Harper has her own dance company and was once an incredible dancer herself. Mirabella is her star performer, but decides she wants to give up dancing and marry Marco in Italy. They fight, and Harper decides to fly to Italy to stop the wedding. There, hilarity ensues! Lovestruck has romance, comedy, and drama, so there’s something for everyone! Not to mention singing and dancing. 

Why did you you want to be a part of LOVESTRUCK?
I wanted to be part of Lovestruck because I grew up watching and loving musical movies! I love Grease, Westside Story, Chorus Line, all of them! So this was a dream come true.

What is a big tease you can give about why this is a movie people should tune into?
The big tease about this movie is that there is a surprise twist involving supernatural elements which I cannot give away!

This movie allows you to explore song and dance – is that something you’ve always been interested in? I’ve always been interested in singing and dancing.
Like I said, I grew up watching musicals, but I also got my start as an actress doing musical theater!

Will we see more music from you in the future in addition to, or as a result of, this movie?
I would love to do more movie musicals, they are so much fun to do. Other than that, I don’t think I’ll be doing more singing…unless you track me down at my favorite karaoke bar!

What other projects do you have coming up that we can look forward to?
I have two movies, “The Bounceback” and “Cheap Thrills” coming out this year! One is a romantic comedy, and the other a terrifying thriller.

For more information about LOVESTRUCK: THE MUSICAL, head over to ABC Family’s site, and be sure to check it out tonight at 8/7c!