My Take on….PARTNERS on CBS

Wow, where do I begin?  PARTNERS is the story of an architecture team made up of Michael Urie’s Louis (a gay man) and David Krumholtz’s Joe (a straight man) – the two have been best friends since childhood.  The pilot follows Joe’s wishy-washy-feelings towards getting engaged to Ali (Sophia Bush), while Louis is happy in his relationship with his “hot (true) Jewish (not true) doctor (not true)” boyfriend Wyatt (Brandon Routh).  What killed the show for me, more than the lack of humor I found in the pilot, was the laugh track wanted SO BADLY for me to laugh hysterically at crass jokes that felt like an 8th grader wrote them to impress his friends.  If there’s one thing I can find to say about the show, to shine some positive light on it – the gay or straight relationships don’t exist to make a statement.  The show is about partnerships, whatever they might be, and they’re not preaching one way or the other.  But that doesn’t make the show funny.  Where I watch a show like 2 BROKE GIRLS and don’t LIKE it?  It’s still got humor.  PARTNERS does not and it’s not going to make it very long on my schedule.