My (Quick) Take On…GO ON on NBC

Tonight, after another night of Olympic celebration (fingers crossed for Misty and Kerry), NBC hopes you’ll stick around for a commercial-free preview of their newest show GO ON (airing at 11ish/10ish Central). The show stars Matthew Perry as radio sportscaster Ryan King who is back at work after the tragic death of his wife.  When his first day back doesn’t go as planned, his boss Steven (John Cho) requires him to attend a support group for “life change.”  The group is run by a former Weight Watchers team leader named Lauren (Laura Benanti), and almost immediately she and Ryan butt heads on how to handle the pain and move on.  Ryan ultimately realizes that the group just might be what he needs to accept his loss and move on.

Matthew Perry continues to try as hard as he can to land on his feet in the comedy world after 10 years on one of the most successful (FRIENDS).  MR SUNSHINE was a step in the right direction (I know, I know, people didn’t love it), but GO ON is definitely along the lines of “two steps back.”  There were moments in the premiere that made me chuckle, but on the whole, I don’t see myself sticking with this show much beyond episode 2.  Give it a shot and see what you think?


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  • CourtneyK

    Smart, quick, heartwarming AND wrenching! I found myself on the verge of tears and still smiling and cheering for the characters I’d just barely been introduced to.
    This is a really well done show, I hope it catches the audience!