Triple Take: We all tackle PAN AM

Here’s a look at our views of PAN AM – the only show we seem to universally agree on!

First Take – Raul:

First there was AIRLINE, which opened our eyes to the trash that flies “Low-Cost Carriers,”  then there was the CW’s and Virgin America’s WEAK attempt with “FLYGIRLS” which showed us just how trashy some flight attendants can be (wonder why that show got canceled?), and now there’s PAN AM, to show us that in 50 years, not much has changed.

But wait, ABC actually took their time, did some homework and created a show that not only Flight attendants are going to appreciate, but the rest of the WORLD is going to fall in love with. I have to say that PAN AM is by far (and I mean miles) the best show coming to television. It’s got sex appeal, an incredibly hot cast, both men and women, back drops that will blow you away and flawless casting. Christina Ricci stars as Maggie, one of the airline’s pursers, and I’ve got to say, I am falling in love all over again! Every single one of these flight attendant fits the role so perfectly. It was an age where you had to be perfect in age, height, weight, hands and you had to be perfectly single. Being married was not allowed under any circumstance. It’s refreshing to see that ABC has stuck to the same guide lines and has remained true to the era.

It’s because of movies and television that I wanted to be a flight attendant. Their lives looked glamorous and exciting and they were able to travel all over the world. It wasn’t until I actually got my first job as a flight attendant that reality set in. It’s hard work, you get sweaty, people are rude and inconsiderate and the pay is not enough to actually have fun at any layover. It’s no wonder so many of the girls, and some boys, want to marry pilots.

ABC’s PAN AM has opened the window shade to a time when it was absolutely fabulous to be a flight attendant and is giving us a birds eye view of the largest and most powerful airline to fly the friendly skies. This show is going to give all of us the chance to live vicariously through the golden age of flying. A time when people dressed with class, acted with dignity and at least tried to keep the scandals behind closed doors. I will certainly be waiting for my new favorite show on television, but until then, in the words of Auntie Mame, “…my ox is waiting for me, Pan American flight 100 to Karachi!”

Second Take – Courtney K:

If you’re like me, you’ve already got Frank Sinatra singing “Come Fly With Me” on a loop in your head just thinking about the premier of PAN AM on ABC, tonight on ABC.

Set in 1963 with the maiden voyage of Clipper Majestic in the beginning of the Jet Age, the plot of PAN AM doesn’t have a central story, rather opts for a “whole picture” view of the flight and cabin crews on this prestigious airline. Personally I love this kind of story; it reminds me of THE WEST WING, no coincidence that Thomas Schlamme is directing. In my opinion, that guy just understands how to make television the best way possible. But I’m gushing; let’s move on, shall we?
The character pool is very broad, and not really all that predictable. In the cockpit we’ve got Dean (Mike Vogel) the newly promoted captain, first officer Ted (Michael Mosley) and Sanjeev (Kal Parekh) the what…navigation officer? I’m not sure, but he sits to the side and appears to man some sort of complicated lit up apparatus. Dean and Ted have a playful Boys Club banter which isn’t out of context for the time period. However don’t read too much into it, there’s no real content there.

Now let’s meet the glamorous ones, the Flight Attendants! This is where the majority of the stories should be; first we have Maggie (Christina Ricci), the beatnik with the ability to put aside her pedal pushers, step inter-girdle in the back of a cab and a penchant for pushing the dress code. Bridget (Annabelle Wallis), the mysterious one who is in a complicated relationship with pilot, Dean. Collette (Karine Vanasse) the French coquette, Kate (Kelli Garner) the overachiever with a dangerous secret, sister to Laura (Margot Robbie) the newest member of our blue clad gals, who runs away from her own wedding to escape the doomed life of a suburban housewife in 1963.

The hair, the makeup, the clothes, the music, the locations! I know it’s the latest in the attempt to battle Mad Men in it’s monopoly for period shows but it is FABULOUS! I can’t decide what I like best about PAN AM, maybe it’s just the view to the different time. When flying was special, when planes weren’t about cramming as many passengers in as possible, instead focusing on the plush amenities and comforts that with modern airlines you would only MAYBE see in Business Class. There’s something beautiful about seeing the brigade of powder blue uniforms walking in perfect tandem, I sincerely doubt this show will have any trouble finding a firm hold on it’s audience, all while wearing white kid gloves. Put PAN AM on your DVR/programming reminder, you don’t want to miss out when adventure calls!

Third Take – Amrie:

I love PAN AM. It’s difficult, especially in a lackluster fall season, to fully commit to a show, based on a pilot alone, but there is something about PAN AM that transcends the boredom or bad quality of the other shows joining it on the fall schedule. I came into the original pilot in love with Christina Ricci, unaware what the show as about beyond “stewardesses,” and not a huge fan of MAD MEN or that aesthetic. I came away from both the original pilot and the new pilot even more in love with Christina Ricci, but maybe more in love with Kelli Garner and Michael Mosley, thrilled that the show is taking on an interesting story about the work and personal lives of these complicated men and women who fly the friendly skies, and totally wishing I lived in a world where everyone dressed this way! In short, tune into PAN AM tonight on ABC and let us know if you agree with our universally positive thoughts on the show.

PAN AM premieres on ABC at 10/9c following the premiere of the final season of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

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  • Pan Am was definitely a great show. I love Raul’s take on this show it is definitely spot on to how flight attendants are going to feel about this. Keep up the great writing, I will continue reading!!