A&E tackles kitchen problems in FIX THIS KITCHEN

Tomorrow morning on A&E, season two of their reality makeover series FIX THIS KITCHEN begins.  Designer Nicole Facciuto and celebrity Chef Eric Greenspan team up to give every day homeowners the shock of a lifetime when they are given a beautifully designed, fully functional IKEA dream kitchen that any gourmet chef would be jealous of.

From A&E:

Each week on “Fix This Kitchen”, one lucky homeowner and amateur cook gets the shock of a lifetime when they come home to find their ugly kitchen demolished and, with the help of celebrity Chef Eric Greenspan and designer Nicole Facciuto, a new dream kitchen remodel underway. In just a few short days, the team, aided by a conspiring family member, transforms the homeowner’s outdated and inadequate kitchen into a beautifully designed, fully functional IKEA dream kitchen worthy of a gourmet chef.

In the season two premiere, we meet Janell Smith from Los Angeles, a mother of three, a devoted wife and an excellent cook. Her passion is creating delicious and healthy meals for her family and friends. That is exactly why her best friend of over 10 years, Julie, has nominated her for this amazing opportunity. Janell’s kitchen is old, outdated, the oven is falling apart and there is NO room for anyone to be in the kitchen with her. Julie calls on designer Nicole Facciuto and Celebrity Chef Eric Greenspan to help surprise her close friend with a brand new kitchen, perfect for both cooking and spending time with the family…just in time for Janell to prepare for a neighborhood block party.

The show is the perfect combination of surprise, excitement, and redesign that I love in my Saturday morning TV. Be sure to check out the premiere, and let us know what you would do with an amazing kitchen like the lucky winners on FIX THIS KITCHEN?

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  • Tonya Flores

    I moved to LA county from Temecula with my 3 teens because of my job and a divorce. I moved from a beautiful house to a total fixer. I had my house almost done except for the kitchen which is a total dated disaster and ended up losing my job. I haven’t enough funds left to even consider getting it done. If I had the opportunity to be chosen to have my kitchen done, you would surely see some excitement from my family. Please consider seeing a picture of my kitchen for your shoe.