Stick around after the premiere of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS to catch ABC Family’s latest series – THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING.

A smart, pretty, slightly offbeat teen girl who lives alone with her single-mother suddenly discovers her destiny is far greater than she could have ever imagined, in “The Nine Lives of Chloe King,” premiering Tuesday, June 14 at 9:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. The new one-hour scripted action drama follows Chloe King, who is looking forward to celebrating her 16th birthday with her friends and single mother — just like every other year – that is until she starts developing heightened abilities and discovers she’s being pursued by a mysterious figure. Chloe soon learns she’s part of an ancient race called the Mai, which has been hunted by human assassins for millennia – and that she may ultimately be their only hope for survival.

Struggling to understand what fate now has in store for her, Chloe begins to uncover more about her newfound abilities. Overwhelmed by all she is learning, she wonders how she’ll be able to reconcile being a normal girl with an extraordinary destiny. With her childhood best friends, Amy and Paul, by her side to support her (despite being shocked to learn of her supernatural powers), Chloe must also figure out how – or if – she should tell her mom, Meredith, with whom she shares a very strong bond. And as with any teenage girl, Chloe develops a crush on a new boy, Brian, whose charming and unpretentious nature contradicts the wealthy lifestyle in which he grew up. As she explores her relationship with Brian, Chloe learns that, when it comes to guys, things are much more complicated than they appear.

To help Chloe understand the history of the Mai, two of her fellow students, Alek and Jasmine, reveal to her that they, too, are descendants of the ancient race. She also learns quickly that the two just may be her best protectors – and Alek may prove to be something more altogether. The story of the Mai is the background mythology for the ABC Family series. The supposed offspring of the Egyptian goddess Bastet, the Mai are considered to be both gods and humans. From the very beginning, the Mai have had a symbiotic relationship with humans and have been frequently referred to as their protectors.

My thoughts after the jump…

The show is a perfectly harmless way to pass the time, as Chloe quickly learns about what she’s suddenly getting these cat like reflexes. By establishing, right off the bat, that she is Mai, and she knows she is adopted, and she isn’t keeping secrets from her friends, they blow the lid on typical story telling that wouldn’t have Amy and Paul finding out about her powers until the dangerous season finale. Chloe (played by Skyler Samuels) is every bit your typical teenage girl (sure, aside from those cat nails and the whole dying thing). She’s dealing with her dad leaving, she’s dealing with one too many hot boys showing signs of interest. Shame she can’t kiss them (spoilers, darlings). She’s immediately likeable, and I think she’ll only continue to impress as she gets more comfortable with the role.

Hasting Ruckle (the breakfast delicacy, oh wait, no, the person) from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (Grey Damon is his real name) plays love interest number 2 and he seems a bit old for our girl, but he’s pretty, so I’ll see how that goes (and his acting is 1000 times better in episode 2, which makes me think he must have spent some time in Austin between the pilot and the series, and learned from the best people in the world on the FNL set). It should go without saying that he’s got a secret. Benjamin Stone is playing another-what-I’m-sure-will-be-a love interest for Chloe (he’s Alek, her Mai-an(?) protector-frienemy) and though I know it’s a real accent, I still think it sounds off….Amy and Paul are just fine. Nothing really worth writing home about. And I wish Amy Pietz was given more to do. She’s been a favorite for years, so it bums me out to see her just playing this mom role, there to be the “best friend” to Chloe when she doesn’t have Amy and Paul around.

I think if you’re a fan of the central mysteries that surround a show like PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, then you’ll be able to dive right into this one and become engrossed. It’s not as razor sharp, wit-wise, as it’s predecessor, but it could become a fun new addiction! Check it out tonight at 9/8c.