What made me cry on TV last night? THE OFFICE – Jim and Michael’s Goodbye

Well, if we’re being honest, it was the whole episode that made me cry buckets of tears as Michael had his goodbyes with everyone in the office and even the warehouse!  But this scene, where Jim realizes that Michael is leaving and worries that Pam won’t make it in time?  It got me good (and again when I was posting it):


  • Kyle

    I didn’t find the episode anywhere near as emotional as I expected it to be (Seasons of Michael was a lot more so). Although I’ll cry tears of joy after next week when we no longer have Dangelo Vickers!

  • Olga

    It made me cry too!!!
    I guess I got too attached to his weird antics. I’ll miss him. Great episode

  • mase daniels

    come now… no tears for this guy…

    it was so tastefully done. no good-byes at all. well that was a good-bye the michael way. always wanting more =-)