Morena Baccarin teases “heartbreak” on V

V has kicked up the action with each new episode that airs, and the show is heading full speed towards a cliffhanger finale that will get everyone talking.  To celebrate a new episode tonight, I had the chance to speak with the lovely Morena Baccarin about her dastardly lizard queen Anna and what’s coming up (tonight and throughout the rest of the season).

I was just saying to someone that this show has really ramped up the energy.  Every week, it’s something new.  When you guys were reading the script, was it as exciting as it for us to see what’s happening?
Definitely!  It’s exhausting just to read the script, you can imagine what it’s like to shoot it!

There has been so much happening!
There is always so much going on at all times.  So yeah, it’s intense.

We’re starting to get an insight into Anna’s end game, but not really because she’s never going to give that fully away.  What can you tease about what is coming this week?
You find out a pretty big secret, or whatever, Anna’s plans, what all those ships are that ar elooming and where we are going to end up.  The Fifth Column has to go into crazy gear to try and stop me.  It’s pretty daunting, the idea that not only are there 29 ships that are going to land at these sites, but there’s like 500 more ships looming that people can’t see.  Just that image, I think, is so scary.

What I noticed, and especially with last week’s episode, the Visitors are pretty bad, and Anna has a nefarious plan for Earth, but really, Erica isn’t getting much better.  She’s stopped really caring as much about innocent lives lost in the quest to take down the Vs. They’ve leveled the playing field.
I think it’s really interesting that Erica is starting to become less human in a way.  She has gotten a lot more hardcore in the direction and trying to defeat the Vs.  Anna starts to become almost irrational with human emotion.  She starts to feel for the hybrid baby, she’s really furious all the time.  You see her, going through a human transformation as well.  The two women are kind of switching roles as they try to protect their people.

Has it been fun playing this constantly angry character, always mad at someone or something. Getting to take your aggression into work every day!
[laughs] The fun thing about this character is that she’s really subtle about it so I don’t have to rage a lot, but there is a lot of inner anger and inner stuff going on.  I find that really fascinating to have that underlying current.  It makes everything more tense.

Even with this character, she’s not human, fans feel for her, even if she’s a little irrational.  Fans are understanding that she’s trying to protect her people too!

What can you kind of tease about, beyond this week, some things we’re going to see, what’s happening as we head towards the finale?
I’ll just say that not every body is safe on this show.  It’s sad, but I think it’s what makes a great show, that there is some possibilities that some characters won’t be coming back.  And a lot happens.  At the end, you feel a sense of doom for humanity, but at the same time, the Vs are not safe, and Erica definitely puts a dent in her plans.

Especially with Anna’s own daughter on the side of the humans, trying to save humanity and Vs.  Why is now a good time to tune in?
What’s great about this show is that it has really great human struggles.  Okay, my daughter is a V and that’s not something that people deal with in their every day lives, but you do deal with familial relationships that are complicated and the betrayal with Vs versus humans.  Erica getting closer to my daughter and me getting closer to her son. That kind of stuff.  These are all universal fears.  Not that aliens are going to come and take your kids, but, well maybe some people have that, but the struggles that the people have in their every day live. Of trust and betrayal.  How to raise your kids in a crazy world.  Literally, that is our struggle on this show.  She’s a single mom, and she’s a working mom, and how to reconcile the things that she can’t provide for her kids.  On the same token, Anna is dealing with being in a new place and a new environment, and maintaining the health and the prosperity of her people.  It’s fascinating because there’s a fantasy element in it.  And people are ultimately still fascinated by the beyond and if there are aliens out there, but I think it definitely relates to their every day life.

Oh definitely – there’s a piece of something to relate to for all viewers.
I agree.  There are also really cool effects.  You’re going to see some really cool stuff happening, in the last two episodes, especially.

What else do you have that we can look forward to?
I’m going to be working on an episode of THE MENTALIST actually, next week.  Other than that, I can’t really do much because we’re hoping to come back.

I think viewers are all hoping for that – after every episode, it’s a feeling of “need to watch the next one, can’t wait a week!”
I know.  I’m a little upset, that after 10 episodes, we’re not going to know what else is happening, for a while.

Is it a huge cliffhanger to end the season?
Yes.  It is a huge cliffhanger.  Some things do get resolved.  It’s heart breaking.  It’s a heart breaking finale.  There has to be a cliffhanger.  We’re not going to end with the humans saying “Oh we’re screwed” so there’s a good victory for the humans, but there’s also a huge victory for the Vs, so it’s just like, really heartbreaking.