My Take On…THE GOOD GUYS Fall premiere

One of my favorite shows of the summer was FOX’s criminally underrated buddy-cop-drama-comedy set in Dallas – THE GOOD GUYS.  Colin Hanks plays charming and adorably by-the-books Detective Jack Bailey who is paired with his exact opposite, Dan Stark, played to perfection by Bradley Whitford.  I was hooked from minute one and think that it got better and better with each summer episode.

The first season continues tonight on FOX with an all new episode called “Vacation”.  Thanks to an incident with a purse thief, some pepper spray, and some parking meters, Dan, and, by association, Jack get suspended.  As he’s wont to do, Dan can’t still still and gets a little bit over his head when a sting operation he plans on his “vacation” goes awry.  Everyone gets involved, including everyone’s favorite snitch, a really friendly loan shark, and The Georgians, all leading to an over the top take down that involves some Survivor and a net-gun.  There’s good movement on the Liz and Jack front, too, if you’re into the relationship side of things, and the ladies start to take on a larger role (one of the big changes in the fall episodes).

Episode 2, “Common Enemies” airs next week after HUMAN TARGET’s season premiere, and it is even more fun, as Ray Wise shows up for a REAPER reunion with Jenny Wade (Liz), and Jack and Dan tire of following an investigator and launch their own investigation to a theft ring.  Added bonus: there’s a great reveal at the end of Ep2 that I love!

Please do yourselves a favor and watch this show – give it a better boost than it got over the summer, and report back what you think!  It’s a great way to pass an hour, and I don’t want this show to go the route of other Friday night shows of the past!

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  • kalie2000

    I love The Good Guys but this makes it where i’m gonna have 4 or 5 shows on a Friday! WOW, man I never thought Friday would be this crowded tv wise!~