Say hello to our new contributor!

Welcome to what I hope will become a weekly or more than weekly column from fellow TV fan and Toronto native Alexis.  In today’s entry, Alexis talks about her favorite shows and why she thinks you should check them out! Be sure to follow her on twitter (@wompwompwomp) and leave some feedback for her!!

I’m Alexis McLaren and I hail from the land of Toronto.

What are my favorite shows? Well as I told Amrie, TV shows are like my children; I love them all; some more than others. But from your children, there are your shining favorites that you brag to all your friends about, and then there are the ones that when people ask about them you kind of just sign and say “Oh [insert child’s name], they’re OK. I guess.”

My shining favorite “children” would have to be Parks and Recreation, Community, Supernatural, Survivor and Parenthood. Parks and Recreation has this amazing cast of crazy characters. They’re all complete nuts (except for Ron Swanson, of course), but it all works. Each individual brand of crazy they all bring to the table somehow forms into a giant Power Ranger Megazord of coherence and sensibility and they’re able to climb any obstacle set in front of them.

Community is what I kind of which my University experience was like. I wish I could count on Jeff, Britta, Abed, Annie, Shirley and Pierce (yes, crazy semi-racist, semi-sexist Pierce) as friends and study buddies. Plus who wouldn’t want Senor Chang as a Professor. I love all the pop culture references embedded in the show and I especially love the chemistry between Abed and Troy. Those two, for me, are the highlight of the show.

Why do I like Supernautral? Because it stars two hot brothers driving around the United States, saving the world from the crap that they kind of started. Who doesn’t love Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki? They’re a great combination! I love how their aliases are rock music related and I love the random funny lines/moments the show has to offer. Did I mention it stars two really hot guys?

Survivor is one of my TV “children” that I will defend. I’ve always love Survivor and to this day, still have a crush on Boston Rob. The last couple of seasons though, have gotten me to love the show even more. Even since Russell Hantz and his fedora graced my TV screen, I’ve been invested in Survivor like I was when Richard was running around the beach in his birthday suit. The blind sides, the lies, the idiot moves and the scheming are all the things I love about the show. Contestants are stepping up their games on trying to outwit, outlast and outplay one another. Plus Jeff Probst is one of the best reality TV hosts around (Cat Deeley is second, naturally)!

Parenthood is that feel-good show that everyone has in their collection of shows they love. It’s well acted. The cast is amazing and the writing for the show is great. I’m sold on every single character. I feel for them whenever they go through hard times and good times. I love when Jabar calls his dad ‘Crosby’. I feel for Sarah trying to be a good parent to her kids. I love the character of Max. I love that all the Braverman kids are complete opposites, but they can put their differences aside to come together as a family. If that isn’t enough to love the show, then I highly suggest you check out Adam Braveman’s dance moves!

I have been bestowed the honor by Amrie to contribute some posts on I hope to get to know everyone as they view the site. And together we can follow the almighty words of the very wise Tracy Jordan: “Live every week like it’s shark week!”