Official premiere of THE GOOD GUYS tonight on FOX!

When I first watched the special “premiere” episode of THE GOOD GUYS that aired a few weeks ago, I was a little bit disappointed by the show that failed to deliver on the promise of action and comedy at full force, in the vein of BURN NOTICE back in the beginning.  It didn’t stop me from anticipating new episodes of the show because Whitford and Hanks are fantastic.

I am so excited to say that tonight’s timeslot premiere of the show is great!  I’ve watched it 3 times since Friday, and every time, just about anything Bradley Whitford says is hysterical.  Somewhere between his aversion to the computer machine and his obsession with his car, he proves that Dan isn’t all that terrible of a cop.  His partnership with Colin Hanks’ Jack is much better established and explored in this episode, and it really sets the stage for a great summer series!

I don’t want to give away the story line of tonight’s all new episode other than to say that it’s insane and absurd, and features a lot of flashbacks and the titular bait and switches.  You should absolutely tune in for the Dan vs Computer Machine fight alone! Follow the jump for a slightly spoilerific slideshow of tonight’s premiere episode, featuring guest star turns by Steve Valentine and Lauren Stamile!

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