A funny thing happened to me about a year ago.  I decided to watch a little show that I had never watched when it was live and airing.  I decided to watch THE WEST WING.  And I fell head over heels in love with Bradley Whitford.  About that same time, I was smitten with Matt Nix, creator of BURN NOTICE, because I just think he’s a genius.  And Colin Hanks?  I think he’s on his way to becoming just like his dad in his dad’s early career and that’s so much fun.

So imagine my delight when these three men that I love joined forces, along with two of my favorite small screen ladies (Jenny Wade and Diana-Maria Riva), to bring us a really fun new series starting tonight on FOX – THE GOOD GUYS.

Follow the jump for a little preview of tonight’s show!

Colin Hanks is Jack Bailey, a by the books kind of cop who is stuck dealing with small crimes, because no one wants him as a partner.  His partner Dan Stark (Whitford), incidentally, is also unwanted by just about everyone.  He is constantly reminiscing about about the good old days, back in the 80s when he used to bust punks with his old partner.  The two of them are sent off to figure out who stole Nia Vardalos’ dehumidifier, and before long, they’re drawn into an investigation that involves drugs and guns and sting operations and plastic surgery and Tom Amandes.

Jack’s ex-girlfriend, Liz (Wade), is the Assistant District Attorney, and they’re trying to make a professional relationship work while their personal relationship falls further and further down the crapper.  And Jack and Dan are left to answer to their lieutenant, Ana Ruiz (Riva), who doesn’t want to put up with anyone’s guff.

The show isn’t perfect.  It doesn’t pack the punch of intensity that BURN NOTICE had right off the bat, but the cast is so damn charming, and I trust Matt so much that I think this will be great summer viewing, and I can’t wait to see more of it in the fall.  Check out a great video featuring the guys and gals getting some shots taken and be sure to tune in before AMERICAN IDOL tonight!