Talking V with Logan Huffman

V has totally kicked into high gear in these past few weeks, exploring what side people fall on – the side of good versus evil, V versus human, right versus wrong, and it sounds like the lines between the two are starting to get muddied as we go.  In tonight’s all new episode, Erica realizes that the V Task Force is investigating the very group of Fifth Column Visitors that she’s working with, to bring down Anna.   In the meantime, she’s still reeling from Tyler learning about his not-bio dad.  Valerie is struggling after what she found out last week, and she takes off tonight, in search of answers.  With the death of a key member of the team last week, the rest of the Fifth Column freedom fighters as I’ve been calling them, are out for even more vengeance.

In anticipation of tonight’s ‘sode, I had the chance to speak with the totally charming and incredibly down to earth Logan Huffman, who plays Tyler – your typical teenager, that just so happens to be experiencing first love with a girl from a whole other planet.  In the interview, Logan talks about what’s coming up, why people should be watching, and how he really feels when people don’t love Tyler (there’s even a little commercial break in there for the official V Video Podcast because we had some technical difficulties on the call).

Tell me!  What’s coming up with V – we’ve had a lot going on, with Tyler finding out about his dad – what do we have to look forward to coming up?
These episodes have been really quick, and have a lot of reveals, and it’s not going to stop!  It’s going to be a lot of fun, and things are definitely heating up between Lisa and I.  It’s kind of funny about that.

I talked to Laura maybe 2 weeks ago, and I asked her if Lisa’s feelings are real, or if she’s just following orders.  What do you think?  Are they real?
Oh I don’t know.  I think it might have started out fake, but I think she’s moving in a good direction.  I don’t know.  I guess Tyler isn’t too likable, I wouldn’t be surprised if she dumped me tomorrow.

It’s kind of like the Romeo and Juliet relationship – you root for these two, with all of the turmoil that’s going on elsewhere.
Yeah, it’s going to be pretty, because my character already is set up to fall apart, and he’s torn apart in all directions, and now he’s got a girl who is going to tear him apart in all different directions, so he’s surrounded by a bunch of women who want to destroy him [laughs].  You know?  A veritable Ancient Greek story line in there about that, right?  He’s going to be torn apart, it’s going to be fun.

What originally drew you to the character?
Oh I guess what always drew me was overall storyline.  I knew this kid was going to go someplace.  From the very get go, I knew that this guy came off a little bit whiny, but I knew that where he was going to end up.  You know, I’m a big believer in reading the stories of our path.  Every story we’ve ever told is the exact same story, and I know where my archetype is.  So I know where he is going to end up, so I just have to wait out the point of learning.  He’s at that stage.  He’s a young man still learning and the only good way to learn is to fall down, so that’s which direction he’s going to be in for the majority of this season.

You’ve gotten to have some great scenes with Elizabeth (Mitchell, his mama on the show), and you’re throwing back exactly what she’s giving you – it’s been great to watch.
We have a lot of fun.  I chose to sit on the floor [laughs].  We had a lot of fun.  She’s so easy to work with.  She’s the first actress I’ve really worked with, where it’s like “yeah she’s my mom and I care about her”, so just look at her eyes, and you fall apart.  I wanted to make sure what he was going through was there.  I like Tyler because I think that he’s always going to be destroying himself.  It’s something really pretty.  And one of these days, he’ll start finally going in a positive direction.  He’s such a contradictory human being, and I think that has a lot to do with his motorcycle accident.  And who he is.

Here’s where our phone call cuts out due to the signal between Canada and PA – perfect Official V video podcast break!

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So we were talking about your interaction with Elizabeth – will we get to see a lot more interaction between you and other cast members throughout the season?
Oh yeah, yeah.  Even before anybody else, Tyler is kind of becoming the piece that’s putting people together.  I’m getting a good amount of interaction with everybody.

Now that we know that Tyler’s dad isn’t his bio-dad, do you think we’ll learn more about his bio-dad, are we going to explore that this season, or is that for later seasons to come?
Um, I can’t tell ya.  In the words of Opie Taylor, “I can’t tell ya”.  We’re definitely going to start learning more about his past.  Right now, we have big questions, in these next couple of episodes, we’ll answer a lot.  I’ve been very lucky these past two episodes, they’ve focused a lot on my character, but what it’s going to do is leave us with the “What’s going on with Tyler?” and it’s going to kind of simmer for a while.  Let it sink in.  I think, people don’t like my character, on average.  I don’t think I’ve had much success, but I think people will like him.  He’s one of those people, I don’t know if I would like him.  But he’s a good hearted kid, trying to make the world a better place.

Is it difficult playing a character where you yourself are saying that a lot of the fan are saying “Oh I don’t like this Tyler character”.  Is it hard to play that?
I’ll be completely honest, and I’m not afraid to say it.  I didn’t get this handed to me.  I worked my entire life for it.  I don’t even know if it’s worth it, but I enjoy the show, and I love getting to escape myself.  I tell you what, [a bit sarcastically and jovially] I’m awfully hurt, but it’s alright!  No, I’m stronger than that, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to say that.

No I get it, you put your heart and soul into a character.  I’ve never had an issue – I don’t dislike anyone on the show which is difficult, because there are a lot of shows out there with this one character that you’re just begging for them to get rid of.  For me, V is not that way.  I don’t always understand the Tyler-Hate that you’re mentioning, but I can understand putting so much into it.
People forget what it’s like to be a teenager!  Being 9 one minute and 25 the next.

Exactly – I was that same way as a teenager – up and down, hated and loved.
That’s what I’m saying – he’s going to grow into something really amazing.  Don’t judge a book by its cover!  I love the character.  Things are heating up with Lisa and him.  That’s what they want me to say ha, I just want to talk because I like to talk, but I love this character, and I’m blessed that I got this opportunity.  He’s a good kid.  People just have to have patience.  That’s the problem with society. You know why kids are messed up nowadays?  Because parents don’t have any patience.  And this kid.  He’s just like me.  I didn’t learn to read until I was in 7th grade.  People didn’t have patience with me, so the school systems failed me.  Have patience with Tyler, learn to love the delinquent.  Learn to love a delinquent.  You’ll be a better person for it, and you’ll help out somebody!

Why do you think now is a good time for people to get involved in V?
Because it’s honestly the best show on television!  I don’t care what anybody says!  Are you going to watch a show about a doctor, or a lawyer, or a crime solving case?  Or are you going to watch a show about aliens?  You know what I mean?  That’s how I feel about it!

And thing about it is – are you going to watch 4 shows about a doctor, 4 shows about a lawyer, 4 shows about crime, or are you going to watch 1 show about aliens?
People have those as real jobs, and it’s not as fun or as glamorous as you think!  Doctors work long hours, they’re really tired, marriage is usually on the rocks, oh wait, that is actually quite compelling [laughs]. But honestly, it’s a show about aliens man!  The way I look at it, it’s really well done, it’s beautifully executed.  I think it’s the best group of actors on television.  I’m with these amazing great actors that I can just watch.  Everyone’s compelling, everyone’s good.  They’re all very interesting human beings.  We’re working really hard to make a good show for you!

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  • I loved last nights episode of V and I’m feeling more and more excited about it every week. I’m a bit worried it might get the ax though. Anna’s daughter feeling too much was a surprise. I thought she was exactly like her.