31 Days of Oscar on TCM!

If you’ve been watching Turner Classic Movies at all this month, you’ve noticed that we’re well into the thick of their 31 Days of Oscar celebration, leading up to the Academy Awards, held March 7.  Today alone, they’re airing some of my favorite films!

Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Seven Days in May, Julia, and The Big Chill are just some of the amazing films that they’re showing throughout the month.  This year, they’ve programmed the schedule in the mold of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” – every movie has some connection to the movie before it!  I think that’s genius!

What are some of your favorite films?  Check out this schedule and see if they’re on there and let us know what you think they missed out on using, or what other films they should have included?

*I will be receiving non-monetary compensation for the post on behalf of YouCast and TCM