Will you watch THE DEEP END?

Tune into ABC tonight at 8 to catch the series premiere of THE DEEP END.  Starring Matt Long, Billy Zane, and Tina Majorino, among a bevy of other familiar faces, the show follows the lives of a bunch of good looking first year lawyers, dealing with the struggles that come with the job.

The cast is strapped with some tedious dialog, but I think that as the show goes and we know more about the characters, the exposition will disappear, and the stories will really start to take over, and we’ll get to see some great stuff from some of my favorites (Long, Majorino, Clancy Brown).  I liked the show a lot when I saw the original pilot a few years ago, and it remains mostly unchanged from what I saw, but it’s not as great as I remember it being.  While that’s not a resounding A+ for the show, it’s likely to become a staple of Thursday night viewing at our house!

  • They took away Conviction and then Raising The Bar, so I guess The Deep End might be my new “young lawyer” show. Already set the DVR for tonight–the busiest night on TV–(coming soon to a Monday near you).