Christian Slater wants you to watch THE FORGOTTEN

While everyone else has been focusing their new fall TV energy towards CBS’ THE GOOD WIFE, calling it a great show, with great performances, etc, I just haven’t fallen for it.  Instead, I find myself curling up after Quizzo on Tuesdays to watch another new series, this one on ABC, and starring one of my favorite people – the forgotten with Christian Slater.  It has quietly grown a following, and ABC gave the show an additional 5 episodes early in November when other shows were getting their pink slips.

I had a chance to chat with Christian about what’s coming up on tonight’s episode.  The official description of tonight’s show, called “Double Doe,” is:

Walter brings The Forgotten Network their first case involving multiple victims, a male and female Doe shot to death and buried in the snow outside a sleazy motel. The age difference and the large amount of cash found on them suggest something nefarious. But did the victims actually know each other? What was the money for? And why did the murderer leave it behind?  Kevin Weisman (ALIAS) guest stars.

Follow the jump for more about why you should get involved in the show – plus we touch on Elisha Cuthbert’s upcoming role and it sounds like she’s bringing the heat!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

How are you?
Very good, how are you?

I’m good!   We have a new episode coming up Tuesday night!
That’s right, [Tuesday] night, 10:00, ABC!

Tell us a little bit about this episodehow it differs from what we’ve seen?
This is a particularly interesting case.  Bob Stephenson, who plays Walter Bailey, I think he brings us this case and it’s, we’re actually not just dealing with one Doe case, we’re dealing with two, so it’s a double Doe.  It’s a man and a woman, could be an affair type of situation, so there’s a lot of mystery that needs to be uncovered.

We haven’t seen a Double case, am I right?
This is the first episode that we’re going to see of a double Doe type of case.  Whether there will be more of these in the future is always a possibility.  But yeah, it’s very, very twisted!

We like those kind of shows, right?
Oh yeah, they’re fun!

I was describing the show to someone, and I used the word fun, as fun as you can describe a show that’s about murder and death.
Oh sure, sure.

But for me it is a show that I can relax and watch.  What are you telling people about why they should tune in?
For so many reasons.  The fact that this is an actual National crisis, that there are actually 40,000 John and Jane Doe cases across the country.  There’s thousands of new cases every year.  I take my hat off to ABC for allowing us to do some PSAs for an organization that actually does what we do on the show.  There’s an organization called, that has been solving these cases for many years, and since our show has been on, the hits on that particular website have really gone through the rough, so I’m grateful to be a part of something, on ABC, that is doing something positive.

I wondered that today when I was doing a bit of research, and I came across the site.  I didn’t realize when we talked last time that the show had a real life Network that looks for the cases.
Absolutely!  I was blown away that there’s actually people that volunteer, willing to go that extra mile.  The police don’t have the time or the manpower to really solve each and every one of these cases.  These people actually do sit down and take whatever small remote, minute detail that they can work from, and come up with the answers.  I find that to be very impressive.

What beyond tonight’s episode do we have to look forward to?
Let’s see, we get a little bit more insight into Alex Donovan.  We finally get to venture into Alex Donovan’s domicile, his home, and see how he lives a little bit.  I think we continue to certainly investigate the disappearance of his daughter.  I think certain clues will be revealed as to where she might be, and what’s happened with her.  We also introduce a new character, Maxine, Maxine Denver, played by Elisha Cuthbert.  She’s fantastic, and has brought a great deal of energy and chemistry.

I was wondering about the chemistry of the cast, the sexual tension we see among the certain members of the team.  You get a bunch of beautiful people in your cast, and there’s bound to be something going on on screen ha!
Yeah, there’s definitely.  They’re all fantastic.  I mean, Bob Stephenson is a very, very sexy man, but aside from him, Michele Borth is absolutely beautiful.  Rochelle Aytes is great, is unbelievable.  And Elisha, I really enjoyed working with her.

And how long is she around?  I read conflicting information about that yesterday.
Well, hopefully, an indefinite amount.  It would be great to have her on for all 100!

Has the network given any idea about how things are going, any inkling into the full year, or beyond?
You know, you never know.  You show up, you do the best you can, and they make their decisiosn somewhere down the line.  As far as I can say, it’s been a phenomenal experience.  I’ve enjoyed it; I think there’s certainly many more stories that I would certainly love the opportunity to tell.  And I have to find my daughter!

Exactly!  You can’t leave the show hanging with things like that!
No, no, that’s just too much!

I’m glad that we’re getting a little bit more into that, too – seeing glimpses here and there.
Oh absolutely, absolutely!

Always a pleasure to talk to you and hopefully we have many more chances!
Thank you so much and have a great 2010!!