Five Reasons to watch tonight's V Finale!

See what I did there?  V = 5 in Roman numerals?  Anyway!  Having watched tonight’s episode over the weekend, I’ve been dying to share some information with you all.  The 5 reasons I want to share are naturally the 5 things that the studio has asked I keep secret.  So here is the second 5 reasons you need to tune in to tonight’s finale!

1.  The show has been getting better with every hour, and this hour is no different.  More depth is given to each character and you start to understand the motivation of people on both sides!  For the first time since the pilot, I saw Scott Wolf’s Chad Decker as more than just a journalist after the story, and Anna’s creepy factor is skyrocketing each time she’s on screen!

2.  The Tyler character that everyone seems to be hating on is given a good solid story line in the hour that will propel the show forward, come the return of new episodes in early Spring!  There’s some good mother/son interaction tonight, and a nice twist. 

3.  The 5th Column stuff is getting juicy juicy!!!  Love that Joshua, and I think you’ll love him even more after you see what he has to do tonight!  The reveals of who is involved, what is involved, and what the Vs might actually be up to is enough to keep me coming back to this show for sure!

4.  Morris Chestnut is a freaking badass.  Just everything about him intrigues me to no end!  I’m kind of obsessing over him at the moment, and that’s not just because his smile lights up a room.  He’s a V with a plan.

5.  This episode ratchets up the tension and makes me immediately ready for new episodes.  That’s the plan, I’d imagine, and a big old reason to watch tonight’s show (not only tonight but multiple times between now and the Spring prmiere) is to get stoked for what’s to come.

Be sure to check it out, and don’t forget to read all about what’s coming up in V from Anna herself.

  • The 5th Column stuff is getting juicy juicy!!!

    Oh, yeah! Vs are like Cylons in Battlestar Galactica. Y’now, They look and feel human… and other great stuff.

    The Fifth Columnists are like Cylons within Cylons. They look and fell Vs but they are with human 😀

    Greetings from Poland (I’m still wondering is there any V’s mothership above Warsaw ;))