Who went home on AMERICAN IDOL?

Which one of your favorites just narrowly missed out on top 2?  That’s why I’m here – having gotten completely addicted (against my better judgment) to the show in the past few weeks, I want to make sure people who missed it could find the answer!  After the jump, find out who got kicked off!

Sorry Danny, but I’m over it.  You have a fantastic voice, no doubt, but I just wasn’t a fan.  Congratulations, your CD will still sell!!!

Now we’ll get a Kris/Adam final 2.  And regardless of whether Adam Lambert takes the whole thing, my favorite participant will give him a run for his money!

danny gokey frank micelotta

  • Chase2000

    I’m not a Lambert fanatic, but Kris is going to get blown off the stage next week. His voice is very ordinary and he lacks the confidence to be able to compete at this level.