KINGS Interactive trailer

nbc_kings_headerKINGS on NBC premieres Sunday night (stay tuned tomorrow for a detailed account of my set visit and a review of the first four hours).  NBC is sparing no expense really in promoting the heck out of this show, and for good reason.  A little spoiler about my review that’s coming?  I liked the show a whole lot.

They recently put together a fairly addictive interactive trailer that puts you right in the middle of the action.  Of the trailer, says my friends at 360i:

As part of the experience, you are the “producer” working with a reporter on a news piece about David Sheppard, the new hero of Gilboa. Through your investigations you learn that David’s being thrust into the spotlight has had a ripple effect on the Royal Family including Prince Jack, Princess Michelle and even King Silas himself. Working with the reporter, you interview an unidentified “source” from the Palace and choose the questions you want to ask. But you soon find out that asking these questions has its own set of consequences.

Check out the Kings Interactive Trailer here:
And be sure to check back for info about the show, and why I think you should tune in!