Watch full episodes on Fancast!


We all love us some Hulu!  That said, there’s always room for another way to watch full episodes of our favorite shows online!  The great folks at have let me know that they’Ve got full episodes of the shows we all love.  You can also download movies and shows for rent or for purchase!

Last night, I watched the episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER that I had missed – there were all kinds of clips and episodes for the shows.  Lots to choose from!

Check here for their list of shows online!  They also have great sweepstakes to enter!


  • shirley esch

    was wondering how to be able to see Army Wives on fancast. i have looked for it, but have not been able to find it. it is a series on lifetime on Sunday evenings.

  • shirley esch

    i have not gotten any answer on if Army Wives will be able to be seen on fancast. of all being seen . Army Wives is not on the list……

  • shirley esch

    all i am getting is comment rss. trackback uri what does all this mean, i am not into all this. just a direct answer please.

  • Hi Shirley, I don’t know the answer to your question – I will check with Fancast, but my guess is that if it’s not on the site, you cannot watch it.