Just VOTE!

Let’s take a minute to step away from TV.  We’re getting close to a big day of change in our nation.  Hopefully, you’re all registered and you’ll be at the polls next Tuesday casting your vote. 

I know it’s not my place to to tell you who to vote for.  I’m just begging you to vote.  Our friends at GAP are doing just that as well –

As we approach our nation’s climactic presidential election, Gap has expanded upon its celebration of individual expression to inspire individual action which your readers can take part in!


In support of the campaign, Gap has partnered with well-known and emerging celebrities (including Perez Hilton, Minka Kelly, Kristen Bell, and others) who have expressed their personal reasons for voting, which you can view via the Vote For microsite: http://www.gap.com/votefor  (also available via YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/GapVoteFor)

Follow the jump for HEROES’ Kristen Bell expressing her “Vote for…” and some more exclusive GAP “Vote For” possibilities on Facebook!

Vote For….All the things that can’t:


To celebrate and encourage individuality through voting, Gap has also partnered with the popular Pieces of Flair application Facebook to provide “Vote For” themed virtual campaign buttons for users to post on their profiles and share with friends. A gallery of over 400 buttons can be found on the Gap Vote For microsite. Additionally, Gap has commissioned 10 artists (including Sean Landers, John Waters, Deborah Kass and more) to create Limited Edition “Vote For” buttons that will be produced for distribution in store with purchase. A copy of each button, signed by the artist will became available for auction on eBay on October 23rd.