Don’t forget to set your TiVos or DVRs or make sure you’re home! THE STARTER WIFE series premieres tonight on USA at 9!

The story starts up a little while after we all saw Molly’s happily ever after with her beach bum!  Apparently, time hasn’t been kind, and their relationship ended.  She’s back and trying to make it work!  Her finances are dimishing, her ex is becoming more and more of a tool, her daugther is adorable (the scene with her on the blackberry?  Brilliant), her friends are crazy, and she’s burning bridges left and right after some of her secret thoughts are inadvertantly shared with the world.  An easy to watch, easy to enjoy 2 hours.  Debra Messing is fantastic – I don’t think I appreciated her much on WILL & GRACE but she’s glowing in this role!

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