Long week of TV

It’s been one of those crazy weeks that almost felt like it would never end.  Seminar after workshop after lunch meeting led for a busy time at the office and then all I wanted to do was sleep when I got home.  I’m finally caught up on the week, and wanted to take sometime to reflect on what I watched.


Just MAD MEN and SKINS for me this week.  As for MAD MEN, I thought it was another solid hour of good Sunday TV.  Any chance we have to see Sarah Drew (Go EVERWOOD) on our TVs is a good thing!  I like that they gave Sal and Ken such a great storyline to deal with.  It felt in this episode that everyone was doing their best job to “bark up the wrong tree” so to speak.  It was about chasing the things that you can’t have.  Added bonus, I kind of hated Smith and Smith, but after a while I think they’ve grown on me.  On SKINS, Sid is just so put upon.  I love Sid and Cassie.  Sid needs to get over Michele!!


PRISON BREAK and SARAH CONNOR were both okay this week.  Nothing spectacular.  I have read a lot of reviews that say TSCC was awesome and exciting and the best thing since sliced bread, but I wasn’t feeling it.  I tuned into some GOSSIP GIRL and ONE TREE HILL this week, too.  I love Blair and Chuck and their ongoing battle, but is it a problem that I don’t really care about anything else and I am kind of bugged by the idea of Rufus and Vanessa?  ONE TREE HILL is a show I cannot stand but cannot stop watching.  Jamie Scott is the cutest kid on the planet, and the shocking death in the final minutes makes me less inclined to keep tuning in.  I definitely preferred TNT’s Monday night over FOX’s this week.  The whole storyline with Brenda on THE CLOSER and what happened when the very unflattering newspaper story made it’s way to the LA area, it was just inspired.  I love Kyra Sedgwick; I kind of hope she takes the Emmy next week (Emmy predictions coming soon…)!  I also thought that episode two of RAISING THE BAR was a step up from the mediocre pilot, but it still leaves something to be desired.  We’ll see what happens throughout the season.  Also awesome this week?  WEEDS.  I miss Conrad and Heylia.  I wish they were still a part of the cast, but I still love this season.  I cannot wait to see what happens in the finale!


Busy night of TV this Tuesday was.  FRINGE, 90210, PRIVILEGED, GREEK, and the finale of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER.  I loved the pilot of FRINGE (loved it when I saw it on a big screen in downtown San Diego earlier this summer).  I think that the acting is fantastic, the writing is sick tight, and I think they have a fabulous shot at being one of my newest shows.  PRIVILEGED was next viewed and, to use a word my dear friend Rae used to describe her feelings towards it, I’m besotted. I love Joanna Garcia (hands down one of the sweetest people I’ve ever talked to without doubt), and Anne Archer is fantastic as the grandmother of two wealthy brats.  The brats in question (Rose and Sage) are spot on as annoying little socialites.  Also, who can go wrong with boys like Michael Cassidy and Brian Hallisay getting set to duke it out over Meghan?

GREEK was fantastic this week, as usual.  I am LOVING the chemistry between Casey and Max (the RA – Doug from SWINGTOWN).  I hope that they explore that and Casey can be happy with someone who isn’t Cappie and/or Evan.  I saw the end of Cappie and Rebecca coming a mile away, so it didn’t shock me terribly.  I think Ashleigh needs to find a man or a hobby or both.  She just kind of bugs me.  So does Evan.  And Evan with Frannie is even worse.  THE SHIELD had another solid hour.  I’m not ready to accept that this is the final season.  And of course, I watched THE CLEANER, and am still smitten with the show. 

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER just continues to both push me away and pull me in at the same time.  I hate it and love it, and can’t turn away.  I’m thinking of writing a letter to Brenda Hampton to ask her what the hell she’s doing.  [SPOILER ALERT] Ben and Amy, at 15, are going to actually get married in season 2, and it just makes me insane to think about it.  Horrible.  90210 this week left me wanting something more.  I’m not sure what “more” I wanted, but it didn’t deliver.  I’m not ready to give up on it yet, but we’ll see what happens.  As Tuesday gets busier once HOUSE premieres this week, I might have to get rid of something and this is on the short list. 


I have heard a few people saying things about how BONES feels different, the cast of changing assistants is troublesome, and the chemistry on the show is gone, but I am a huge fan of this show, and thought the season’s second episode (after the premiere) was just another charming hour.  I love the Booth and Bones chemistry, I love Sweets.  I think Sweets and Booth crashing Bones’ date was classic and I loved it.  Episode two of SONS OF ANARCHY was another dirty, grimy, awesome hour of TV.  I love Charlie Hunnam and I can’t wait to see the next new episode.


Went to the Phillies’ game on Thursday – such an awesome game!  But I did come home and watch BURN NOTICE and am glad I did.  I love me some Michael Westen.  Can’t wait until next week when SUPERNATURAL comes back!


I watched the summer finales of PSYCH and MONK on USA.  Shawn inflitrating the bank robbery hostage situation gone bad was hilarious.  The long hug that Gus gave Shawn, the interaction of Shawn and Gus, the secret relationship between Juliet and Gary Cole’s character, Henry actually caring about Shawn’s safety – all of it was great.  On the other hand, I worry that Monk may have run its course.  Tony Shalhoub is great.  In fact, all of the actors are pretty awesome – I love Disher.  But they are running out of ideas.  I mean, MONK reverts to his 6 year old self?  According to previous flashbacks we’ve seen, when he was 6, he was anal retentive, too…We’ll see what happens when the winter specials air, and when it comes back in January.


What did you all watch this week?  What did I miss?  What’s your take?

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